Tyron Woodley reacts to UFC booking his next fight against Kamaru Usman,Conor McGregor on Nasukawa

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Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones,
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Michael Bisping on Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones 3,
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Garbrandt vs Munhoz,

Megan Anderson on UFC removing W’s 145lb fron Rankings,
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Amanda Nunes wasnt 100% in Cris Cyborg fight,
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Conor McGregor wants Nasukawa,

Woodley vs Usman has been signed!,

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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36 thoughts on “Tyron Woodley reacts to UFC booking his next fight against Kamaru Usman,Conor McGregor on Nasukawa

  1. Bisping: Why would anyone follow your advice.. jesus… Look, if DC fights Jones again.. a. it should only be at heavy weight. b. If he were to lose three times to Jones at lightweight.. that really would fuck up his legacy. c. He will not regret it why….maybe you should have given Luke Rockhold another go….stfu…

  2. Jones is the only fighter popped for cocaine by usada. He does/did coke, fact. Cocaine is cut by drug dealers with creatine . similar properties look and feel, it's legal. Jon would never use cheap supplements it's ironic. However cheap creatine Drug dealers use to cut cocaine, (Jon had no control or knowledge he just thinks it's cocaine,) is mixed and produced in vats and machines in china, that they also make steroids specifically here, oral turinabol in and not cleaned out properly. They dont care about usada. One is making cheap supplements and dealer is cutting coke with it. Jon was a victim of bad luck and karma of doing coke. Coke is the root of ALL Jon's life troubles. He is the goat and I don't think he ever took steroids based on the insignificant traces that were detected both times. Turinabol metabolite stays in your system for years. Its not a ped as a metabolite. Secondly ufc voluntarily brought in usada. It's not the law in mma. Why the F would the ufc be covering yet revealing a metabolite of turinabol if they were corrupt? They would just hide the test or fake it. They would not even have stripped him in the first place 2 years ago and suspended him. Do I know this for a fact? no. But this is the only logical explanation. Haters will hate greatness

  3. In 2019, I hope that DC beats JJ at lhw and then at hw, and after the hw match, JJ is hit by a car, driven by a pregnant woman, and is so badly injured he has to retire.

    Then I will believe in karma.

  4. Amanda getting harder and harder to like as a fighter. I didn't like her before the fight I like her less now. She was walking back throws a hard punch catches Cyborg and the rest is history.

  5. I swear the hate is the reason woodley keep winning lol keep it up dana …he fuck around and be focus and go another few years breaking records …let's go black man stay positive get yo bag and keep being positive …and oh yeah stay humble

  6. Too obvious that Dana is protecting Colby. Any other fighter who would of been in Colby's position to fight for the title and turn down dates, would have gotten bad mouthed by Dana since day 1

  7. Tyron acting like Colby and Usman are going to mean anything. They're just paychecks, we all know he's going to kill both of them. We need someone in the WW to step up, Woodley is shitting on everyone rn

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