Tyron Woodley Post UFC 214 Press Conference

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Tyron Woodley Post UFC 214 Press Conference

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49 thoughts on “Tyron Woodley Post UFC 214 Press Conference”

  1. Wow what he refers as an example of 2 warriors going at it with serious banging in the last 10 secs is precisely what a great fight is…. ooops he wouldn't know it though. It's called MMA, if we want to see boxing, I'm gonna watch boxing and if you're scared of going to the ground then stick to boxing and leave MMA to real champs. No mention of his fight few years ago versus Rory McDonalds. 😉

  2. Dana shouldn't renew contracts with fighters like this BORING AS HELL just like floyd do nothing but stuff takedowns then brag about it when you fought someone who barely could see out of one eye give me a break disgusting listening to this clown boring fight go in there and fight your soul out take risks be a REAL CHAMPION wow what a pleb

  3. I respect that he is coming to terms with his own personality and protecting himself in a very smart way… his words make sense too… but when you break a record for least amount of punches… bro… you're in the wrong business… Woodley is an athlete not a fighter, it's as simple as that! one more thing, people pay money to see a fight, and believe me nobody is paying money to see you explode into a full jog for 25min… just like any boxing fan knows Mayweather is not TBE, Woodley will never get the full respect until he stops running

  4. If this was GSP they would've said how clever and tactical he fought…when you mash Maia's face and deny every takedown all 24 of them! You did your thing brah. I'm tired of talking about race having a impact just listen to Dana whites comments a guy who's never stepped foot in the octagon. ?

  5. Why is everyone bashing Woodley? Damien was the one who fought shitty af. He shot 24 times and got no take down, learn how to actually fight UFC isn't a BJJ tournament.

  6. So sad that Dana white was ripping this performance from Tyron. T-Wood won the fight and fought a smart, intelligent fight that real MMA fans will appreciate. Tyron is making specialists look stupid.

  7. Man he is a boring fighter . Connor is smart and he goes and bang it out. you can be methothical but he is to boring really I will never pay pay per view to see that crap

  8. Woodley has fought thompson twice and maia as champion after ko of lawler. He used his smarts and tactical gameplan to win congrats to him. Everyone wants to see a bang out or tko but against world class opponents you cant get sloppy because theyll capitalize and beat you. Congratulations Mr. Woodley

  9. What other sport do you say "they won by 1 point but they played it safe so fuck them"…. and those sports don't have some dude trying verto rip your arm off. Props to woodley for winning despite him being a boring fighter…. at least he will have brain cells left when he retires. Also (and I'm Canadian) does anyone ever remember GSP fights??? Mega boring…. Woodley nailed it… he's a better version on GSP (I don't agree with that but the point is that they fight very similarly yet GSP gets all the love)

  10. Technically it was a great performance. . . Entertainment wise, it was a horrible performance.
    Some of u fans blaming Dana are dumb. . Some of u saying Tyron is a pussy are also dumb.
    He's a smart fighter but boring as of late.

  11. Records are for DJ's best welterweight of all time ? Not quite mate but well done for setting the record for least punches thrown in a 5 round fight. ( Official )

  12. All this cunt does is moan. Gets on the 205 card with PPV points, then the biggest card of 2017 with the promise of GSP. All they want him to do is go for the finish and entertain the fans. Ok you want to play it safe but live with the consequences

  13. he fights not to lose. thats all good but nobody will know how good you are cause your holding back. tyron was scared and respected opponents ground game too much. he believes maia is a better fighter so why engage with him. an inferior fighter avoids fighting, and thats wat he did. so if u cant fuk with the guy on the ground than start striking and show him whos best. tyron set the record of throwing the least amount of punches in a 5 round fight. so he runs from the ground game and plus he doesnt strike. he is a championship runner.

  14. What a sleeper , I have stayed quiet during the Wonderboy fights out of respect for both your talent and previous competitive fights , But….if you continue to fight like this , IMO you should be put in the Prelims and out of the PPV Main event card Champion or not… there were many other fights more worthy of being in the PPV Main event, other than this sleeper.

  15. Woodley can fuck off. People pay to see exciting fights. Why do you think people love Jon Jones? I dont care that you have a great career and that you defend take downs. You are a boring ass fighter, counting rounds to get the win.

  16. I can't stand Woodley! All complains he's not pushed, throws the race card, cries he can't get money fights but he is not a draw, he's honestly good but he's by far from ever being the greatest welterweight, Gastulum will beat him if they fought again, and noone really likes him. Greatest welterweight whiner of all time!

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