Tyron Woodley On Losing His Title To Kamaru Usman in UFC 235

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27 thoughts on “Tyron Woodley On Losing His Title To Kamaru Usman in UFC 235

  1. So many people are happy including myself you lost you arrogant poor looser, excuses is all you spiting out your mouth….haha, n no he isnt the champ you ass kisser, better wipe your lip.

  2. Woodley was so not his usual self that I was thinking…he’s throwing this fight…Obviously not, but…Usman was just too much for him. Congrats to Usman👍

  3. The fight was not close. Usman dominated him from beginning to end. Im a fan of Tyron, however that was not a close at all and him being the casino floor getting people money sounds suspect.

  4. I can’t even watch this sway I’m a big ufc fan and a bigger sway fan but this dude is delusional he they 1 punch u didn’t put him on any position but to get ur ass beat thank god ur album is worst

  5. I’m a Woodley fan…huge one. I’m not mad at him for losing to a better fighter in Usman..I’m super excited for Usman for being The First African Champ!!!! Salute to both fighters.

  6. when tyron in the studio mixing beats making music usman was training, grindin and preparing thats y he won u aint gonna get that title fight easily after that poor performance just sayin

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