Training With Khabib: Teammates Talk What Makes Nurmagomedov Different – MMA Fighting

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Ahead of UFC 229, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s chat with MMA Fighting about what it’s like training with the UFC lightweight champion at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif., what makes his wrestling so good, what’s special about him and how his striking has come along.

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40 thoughts on “Training With Khabib: Teammates Talk What Makes Nurmagomedov Different – MMA Fighting”

  1. The thing I can see is Conor karate style leaves a leg out for khabib to catch, hopefully it’s a good fight I don’t mind who wins. I believe a TKO/KO finish or submission. The fight won’t go to decision

  2. In my opinion Khabib is getting slept. I don't underestimate what he bring or overestimate conor's abilities but for some you to be here and have the gall to say conor can't do nothing is simply stupid. Both men are more than capable and on 6th Oct i wanna hear no excuses from conor fanboys or khabib's ISIS army

  3. Of course these guys are going to hype him up because there's his teammates, they're not going to talk about the truth like when he gets knocked out in sparing or submitted in training camp how he reacts so there's really no point. You're not going to hear anything objective or new.

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