Training Aikido with Pro UFC Fighter • Modernize Aikido • Ep02 • Full Episode

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In this video Pro UFC fighter, Tai Chi practitioner Nick Osipczak is giving tips on a live Skype session to an Aikido instructor who is interested to modernize his Aikido to present standards of effective martial arts. This is a video of the full training.

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8 thoughts on “Training Aikido with Pro UFC Fighter • Modernize Aikido • Ep02 • Full Episode”

  1. Is your aim to make aikido useful in mma or make it more useful for self defence. You could say both, but what is your main aim, not sure you've answered it (I might have missed it if you have).

  2. This is never ever going to work. What would be the problem with everyone quitting Aikido and learning BJJ? Those people would become more prepared to protect them and their loved ones and they would be less delusional about their own abilities. Truth and Safety, what more could you want?

  3. Hey buddy I have to say you're doing a great job of finding out how you can make things work. Now I did send you a message last week and this is my point to you and everyone else who are going to mma after doing traditional arts first. The one problem that most traditional practioneers have is with out the mma base first you will spend all day trying to figure out how to make Aikido work why???. You will rely on technique after technique because there isnt a Foundation for Aikido to work . Thats the only delimma when you don't have the base first. Thats why I said in my previous comment to train mma kick boxing , clinch , ground for about 200 rounds. That will give you the foundation to know what works and what doesn't. Its not the technique its the training method that makes mma effective. I have been there as well when I trained jkd concept and realized how non functional I was when I started doing MMA. I know its hard to let somethings go for a while because thats where your heart is. But at the end of the day your goal is to functionalize Aikido to make it work with resistance. You have to do what the mma guy has done already and thats learn mma first then go back to functionalize Tachi. Thats what Burton Richardson did with Siliat. Because he trained mma clinch he used the clinch range to functionalize Siliat. He tried it the other way first with only using Siliat against people like Randy Catore ( old ufc fighter) and realized his neck and his upper body posture was to strong to try and sweep him because he is a Greco-Roman Wrestler they have strong posture and base . My son is a high school wrestler and they are very powerful and explosive.when I trained jkd concept my son threw me all over the place because his explosiveness and stanamia was too much for me. When I started putting about 100 rounds of mma training I seen the difference in clinch range against him.Burton had to let traditional Siliat go as well and trained clinch range then he added the elements back with Siliat and it worked. So my point is in order for a traditional art to work it has to have energy, timing, motion. Thats why I was trying to explain to train MMA first then go back to add your Aikido because then you will have functional skills in all ranges. You can then take out all the guess work of asking about technique for more technique.

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