Top UFC/MMA Submissions for No Tap November

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These top UFC & MMA submissions are designed to help you work on your no tap game. No Tap November will be over before you know it so get your training in, NOW..

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47 thoughts on “Top UFC/MMA Submissions for No Tap November

  1. I like Masvidal and I like McDojo Life. I don't understand how you got so much hate in your blood for the homie Jorge Masvidal. Dude is a straight up Gangsta and a badass fighter. I would think that you would support the homie. Por La Raza!! And I mean all Latinos in MMA not just Mexican hermano!

  2. 4:40 If he wanted to see his face, why did he look up at the ceiling, fool? 😉 Love your stuff! "Tapping then sleeping" – FUCKING GOLD mate! Now you making me tap and go to Patreon to give you my loss money.

  3. I love you man, I have been going through some shitty times, but I watch your videos and for that few minutes I am having the best time.. THANK YOU BROTHER.

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