Tony Ferguson Shreds MMA Media: ‘You Give Me My Respect’ (UFC 229)

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Tony Ferguson was obligated to meet with the media ahead of UFC 229, but that doesn’t mean that he had to like it. Regardless of what he felt about having to do a media scrum at the UFC Performance Institute, Ferguson didn’t hold back when he lashed out at reporters over the course of the scrum. Here are a few of the highlights from his shredding of the media.


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43 thoughts on “Tony Ferguson Shreds MMA Media: ‘You Give Me My Respect’ (UFC 229)”

  1. What zeros u were paid pennies compared to other fighters bum you were the interim champ, aka not the real champ lol. you lost to a damn cable or ran from khabib and made that shit up cuz you knew youd get mauled. Stfu and be humble ur even on the card bum dosser. Hope karma catches you for your arrogance this upcoming fight! come on anthony plz shut this jackass up.

  2. Grade A egotistical delusional racist who gives hard working Mexican's a bad name! E'l CooCoo hasn't fought Diaz,woodley,khabib,Conor, barboza is the only guy he fought worth anything and he almost got his ass beat then disrespectful mud hut hood beaner

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