Tony Ferguson: I already know how I’ll beat McGregor and Khabib

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UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson speaks tp BT Sport’s Dan Hardy about his fight with former champion Anthony Pettis at UFC 229 and the prospect of taking on the winner from Conor McGregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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22 thoughts on “Tony Ferguson: I already know how I’ll beat McGregor and Khabib”

  1. Tony ferguson is the most well rounded 155er on this planet and his heart can’t be matched this guy has no quit!! 10 fight win streak 13-1 ufc hasn’t lost since 2012 give the man his credit already

  2. I love Tony's weird style but I am the only one who thinks he loses to McGregor AND Khabib? He's more well rounded than both of them, for sure, and has a better lightweight record than both (Khabib marks incoming). But I don't feel he's dominant ENOUGH in either the striking or grappling to keep from being dominated in one of those areas by either guy.
    Yes, he's very dangerous off his back, but I don't think that's gonna be the style to beat Khabib-Khabib's too strong and skilled on the ground to get submitted and doesn't let anyone get a guard. And Ferguson has some similarities to Diaz- chin, conditioning, BJJ- but really it was the boxing SKILL of Diaz which allowed him to compete with Conor on the feet, and Ferguson is far too easy to hit to not be finished by McGregor. His wrestling isn't good enough to get Conor down or prevent Khabib from getting him down and smashed. It seems mainly what he has going for him is unpredictability- which both helps and hurts him.

    I really hope I'm wrong because he'd make one hell of an entertaining lightweight champ.

  3. This guy is really mentally tough to come back so hard and so fast after that severe injury and surgery. Crazy positive attitude. Good luck man. I believe he will overcome. Pettis is going to quit.

  4. Khabib vs Tony will likely be the next fight and it will be for the greatest lightweight of all time when they fight. It won’t be a matter of opinions anymore it will be fact. This will be the first time anyone has ever become the undisputed goat of a division, just think how crazy that is.

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