The Ultimate Fighter 24: Ep. 6 Deleted Scene

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Hypnotist Marc Sarvard comes to the TUF gym to meet with Team Benavidez in this deleted scence from episode 6.

40 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter 24: Ep. 6 Deleted Scene

  1. My ex whore and my sister tried to lie to me about this…..this is bullshit……I dare you to try to put me to sleep with words……
    Only my grade 10 math teacher has that accolade

  2. First demonstration he puts his left hand closer to shoulder and when he tries to bend the arm he makes sure to push toward the torso so he can push the whole body back to create illusion that the arm is unbreakable but the 2nd demonstration he cleverly places his hand close to elbow joint area so that it is much easier to bend the arm. No wonder they deleted this crap.

  3. I have never ever believed in shit like this. I know how powerful the subconscious mind is, but the hypnosis has always just been some scheme to me. However, needless to say, i've never had the opportunity to be able to be put under by a hypnotists. I'll believe it once i'm unconscious as fuck.

  4. that hypnotism was so fake. look at when he almost fell back in the chair. someone who is really 'under' would have kept that arm locked, and definitely would not have cracked a smile.

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