The Best Commentator Calls in UFC MMA

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The most accurate and spot on commentary in the UFC. Starring Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier, Dan Hardy and Dominick Cruz.

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49 thoughts on “The Best Commentator Calls in UFC MMA”

  1. I genuinely thought that Bisping was dead after that knockout punch.

    That punch was literally the hardest punch in MMA history. Fully loaded, stepping into it, Bisping circling into it, perfect technique, perfect placement.

    If your friends ever want to see a textbook perfect KO, show them that clip.

  2. Imagine joe Rogan if he fought! He’s so knowledgeable in mma some might say it’s easy cause he’s a commentator to call there moves beforehand but you got to give props he’s been doing it so long and not to mention he’s a animal at striking and a black belt in bjj!!! I was honestly hoping Covington tried to slap him I was praying for that shit!!! It would have ended this bullshit getting knocked out by a commentator lol

  3. Nothing funny about a guy being brutally KO'd but I always thought the stupid white bottle cap on the mat makes it look like Bisping got a white top hat knocked off his head.

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