The Baffling History of UFC Interim Titles

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33 thoughts on “The Baffling History of UFC Interim Titles”

  1. People sleep on Woodley because they dislike him but man is he hard to beat. And I think the reason he is upset is what the end of the video said the UFC used to build up dominant champs not mouths. which is why like you said GSP and Anderson were giant stars. The UFC could have built around guys like Woodley and Stipe that way but they forgot about what got them here, it's just about finding the next McGregor

  2. Whittaker was injured after the first Romero fight. It had nothing to do with “being impressed”. It was incredibly convenient timing for him to be injured so they could bring GSP back into the picture never to strip Rob because everyone knew George would be vacating shortly after victory.

  3. I keep forgetting Brock never held the interim belt and actually got a title shot with Randy in his third fight lol now that I remember Nog having the interim before Brock, I wish we coulda seen Nog fight Brock while Nog was still in his UFC prime since he still had a fuckin steel brick for a head back then and his boxing was legit at that time so matching him up with Brock would have been interesting. I could see Big Nog either smothering Brock with boxing like he did against Couture or even better they end up on the ground with Brock laying down nuclear bombs on Nog but him surviving the onslaught that we’ve never seen before then submitting Brock. This makes me think about all the possible match ups we could have had if all the shitty injuries, sidelines and Lesnar illness never happened. Woulda been awesome to see a Carwin Brock rematch too or even a trilogy since it seems likely Carwin would win the second fight with some adjustments not to get gassed.

  4. Its so clear how much titles "do" matter for business, legacy and most importantly, fighters whom most of which will say it is their lifetime goal. If the fighters lose respect for the title, the company numbers will plummet into an all around shit show. UFC, learn from the past 2 years and change your strategy or else.

  5. Dana White never said he wasn't impressed with Whittaker's performance vs Yoel Romero. When Whittaker won that fight Bisping even got into the ring and confronted whittaker, and Dana said Next fight for Bisping will be title unification bout with Whittaker and GSP will fight Woodley for WW title. But shortly after watching Woodley's performance at UFC 214, Dana announced GSP will not fight Woodley and rather fight Bisping at MSG.

  6. I could be wrong but I believe when DC had to pull out of the JJ fight it was a knee injury not a foot injury. It was also announced on April fools day which I remember because I thought it was a joke similar to what happened with this years April fools day when Tony Ferguson had to pull out against Khabib which again was not a joke. Fuck April fools day.

  7. Agreed on Tony’s interim. But you forgot to mention the shit show when Tony was suppose to fight Khabib for the “undisputed” then tony gets injured, then max drops out. Al misses championship weight and wasn’t a ranked fighter so Khabib becomes the “undisputed” champion beating a number 11th ranked lightweight striping both Conor and Tony simultaneously haha 😂

  8. The major issue with Interim Belts in the past few years is a little more deep than is being seen currently.

    To put into context, we have 4 Female divisions and 7 male divisions. And for a while now, the UFC has been booking a championship at least once a PPV, the issue is, they try to book multiple championship fights for the PPV and when you’re trying to get champion level fighters to be ready constantly, you’re leaving yourself at risk for losing those fights
    Bad weight cuts
    Personal issues
    Failed Drug tests
    These are all factors that mess up fights. Once this happens to champion fights, the UFC for some reason feel they need to still make a title fight and just make it an Interim. Which kinda defeats the purpose. If you’re on the road to a championship fight, you’ve got the #1 contender spot, you don’t need an Interim. But they are important belts to have when a division loses movement.
    Barao for Bantamweight
    Tony at Lightweight
    Condit at Welterweight
    Whittaker for Middleweight
    Werdum at heavyweight
    These are examples of Interim titles that were very much needed and had to happen.

    Interim belts should be considered important, but yes, the UFC have done an injustice on the title these past 2-3 years

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