Stipe Miocic vs Cain Velasquez at UFC 216 or NYE Card

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Episode 34
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20 thoughts on “Stipe Miocic vs Cain Velasquez at UFC 216 or NYE Card

  1. Stipe will end Cains career been away for too long always injured stipe in his prime another early ko won't go past 3 rounds. Heard it here first

  2. Stipe is going to beat the shit outta Cain. No one wants to see Cain as champ, he never defends his title he just sits on it with injuries. I hope Stipe retires him

  3. Brock better not come back to the UFC… He better be using this shit as a tact for his WWE contract. Im sure a lot of MMA fans(myself included) would boycott the UFC for that shit and/or stream everything for free. You fuckers flat out let lesnar cheat and now he might come back… Thats a slap in the face to all the fighters.

  4. Stipe is the baddest man on the planet and in his prime. The guy is a monster. I think he KOs Cain. Only person I can see beating him is Ngannou if he catches him but Stipe will probably break Ngannou, put him on his back and make him drain energy taking away his power.

  5. I hate to say this, but this is a bad match-up for Stipe. Cain is going to grind him out and possibly get a tko or dec. I want Stipe to win because he's more active, but I don't see him winning :/
    Hopefully, Ngannou gets a title shot afterward

  6. Woah!!!This is the test!!I love Stipe,I think he is a great champion but this will test his championship status!!!What a fight!!If it comes off ?

  7. bad fight due for cain being away to long. only an active and healthy cain can beat miocic. i think overeem should challenge miocic as he came close to knocking out miocic almost a yr ago. cain should not except this fight.

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