Stipe Miocic discusses his devastating loss against Daniel Cormier | INTERVIEW | UFC 226

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Daniel Cormier stopped Stipe Miocic in the 1st round for the UFC Heavyweight title. Hear from the former champ after his tough loss.

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Stipe Miocic discusses his devastating loss against Daniel Cormier | INTERVIEW | UFC 226


31 thoughts on “Stipe Miocic discusses his devastating loss against Daniel Cormier | INTERVIEW | UFC 226”

  1. Stipe is good, but there are levels to this game and DC and Jones are on the top of the level. I always said that Stipe is fighting guys past their prime, and Francis was not that great. The only man that is beating DC is Jones or if he fights Curtis Blaydes which he will not. Brock would get devoured by either Stipe or DC

  2. Stipe uses the same method from Bill billichick on how to deal with the media n answering questions. Quick answers that shut u up n keep it moving.

  3. But how can this man be interviewed looking like this? I guess the next level journalism will be to interview people in coma with some sort mind probing technology

  4. I really believe Stipe wasn't caring enough about this fight, before and after. I'm sure he's just more worried about his kid, so he didn't care that much. During all Media and even during the press conference he didn't seem to care at all, and that's the end result.

  5. Is this an official Fox youtube channel? If so, why do you have amateurs doing this? The audio is super low for the whole interview, and then super loud for the dumb sound byte at the end.

  6. Idgaf what anyone says Stipe was and still is in my eyes a great champion. Always remained humble threw out his career and just seems like a stand up dude who would help a old lady across the street or buy some girl scout cookies even though all the good kind are sold out.. Miocic just seems like a genuine human and we need more like him

  7. and this guy is thebfreates heavyweight of all time?? please..why is that? he got beat by a light heavyweight just cuz he defended 3 times? that's nothing ..Cain would've destroyed stipe

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