So You Want To Be A UFC Fighter

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A quick crash course for the training required to become a successful mma fighter. Originally a powerpoint for a kinesiology school project, now my first video.

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4 thoughts on “So You Want To Be A UFC Fighter”

  1. This gentile way of thinking is exactly what is wrong with this planet, let alone country. Get a job you little fruitcake, see how much you like it. Takes the middle-class a YEAR of hard work to make maybe 30 grand. The lowest amount of money you can make in the UFC is 10 grand and that's 1 fucking night. Stop being such a little bitch.

  2. Just putting this out there, idk where you got that table but it's very off. Most UFC fighter heights are fake (usually pushed by about 1-2 inches, Tyron woodly and BJ Penn are good examples). So when people make charts like that they're using the fake UFC heights (not saying they're bad people or anything, just pointing out the average is probably screwed). So honestly I'd would take that part with a grain of salt for trying to find your height/weight. Anyways thanks ks for the video

  3. I actually really liked most of this video up until your discussion of styles. Even then I enjoyed your thorough analysis of the striking styles, but I think the key to applying a striking style into MMA is that you need to spar with it. I appreciate your candid acknowledgement of not knowing much about grappling, I can't say I'm an expert either but it'd have been nice if you could've done some more background research and acknowledged maybe Sambo and the different styles of wrestling (collegiate, freestyle, greco-roman). Overall I liked the layout and you've earned yourself a sub, looking forward to more stuff like this 🙂

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