Show Money 26: UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship and PFL finances and television deals – BE PRESENTS

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The Show Money crew is Paul the economist, Jason the lawyer, and John the financial analyst and the man who knows everyone and everything in MMA. In today’s episode – filmed Sunday night before the UFC-ESPN PPV announcement – the guys discuss the recent rash MMA broadcast deals as well as promotional finances. They’re scheduled to film another Show Money this coming Sunday to cover the UFC’s new PPV exclusivity with ESPN, so look out for that next week sometime.

For those interested in specific parts, here are the start times for each segment:

UFC – 0:36
Bellator – 15:34
PFL and other things – 24:00
Back to the UFC – 33:08
ONE Championship and other things – 37:04
TV deal predictions (filmed Sunday night before the UFC-ESPN PPV announcement) – 52:00

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3 thoughts on “Show Money 26: UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship and PFL finances and television deals – BE PRESENTS

  1. There's a honesty to this show I truly enjoy. It's nice to hear reasonable discussion and speculation where the participants acknowledge the limits of their knowledge. Thanks for the listen, gents.

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