Robert Whittaker Opens Up on Depression, Israel Adesanya, Crazy UFC 243 Press Conference

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UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker speaks to Submission Radio about his crazy UFC 243 press conference in Melbourne and Israel Adesanya clashing with fans, why he plans on finishing the fight quickly, his struggles with depression during his fight career, his speaking tour and telling his story, Colby Covington saying he wants to challenge him, Darren Till moving up to middleweight to face Kelvin Gastelum, and more!

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40 thoughts on “Robert Whittaker Opens Up on Depression, Israel Adesanya, Crazy UFC 243 Press Conference

  1. Middleweight has been in need of a legitimate champ since Silva lost his belt. Rob is definitely that guy, plus he seems like a genuinely down to earth and wholesome guy. As opposed to some other fighters who play the act of having humility cough Jon Jones cough

  2. I appreciate hearing Rob talk about this- I've suffered from both Major Depression and Panic Disorder for a large chunk of my life. It's a very real medical issue- when I'm having a serious depression episode I almost feel like I have the flu: zero motivation or energy, heavy dark feeling in my chest, not eating and oversleeping, accompanied by random panic (more like terror) attacks with no rationale behind them- totally physical. Its a horrible feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone- Thankfully, with proper treatment and lifestyle adjustments I've been able to better understand it and overcome it. It's unfortunate how taboo it is to talk about though, considering how many people suffer from it- when you have diabetes or a broken leg it's an unquestioned legit medical condition, but something like depression or anxiety that not only affect your mind but body too AREN'T real conditions?? I dont get the logic there- thankfully scientific research has found new insights and more and more people are becoming less ignorant on the subject as time goes on.

  3. FYI- Denis, a bit of constructive criticism for you. You come across as a bit smug in interviews mate. Maybe toneing it down a little, it might make the interviewers feel more comfortable plus the fans feel comfortable watching too. For the record, love your work at submission keep it up 👌

  4. 😮 wow, the saying depression does not discriminate comes to mind here. Robert Whittaker and Tyson fury amongst others talking openly about mental health struggles shows it really does affect anyone, even the people who seem to have everything in life. Salute Rob for being open about this

  5. Thank you heaps for talking about depression Rob. I’m going through a rough time atm & will check out your pod cast stuff. It’s good to know that even successful people such as your self can struggle with mental demons. I also don’t know what is the main thing that brings me back to happy again, but I always keep trying. I really hope you win your fight (u will bro) ufc needs some one like you as champ ✌️

  6. So why do people shit on Rose for being "mentally weak", or Rousey for taking a loss so heavily but no one shits on Rob, or GSP when he says he gets anxiety etc..

  7. Even as a kiwi I want Whittaker to win. He's just so much more likeable than Israel. Either way I'll be happy to see either as champion but Whittaker is the ideal champ imo

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