Ringside With UFC’s One and Only Cutwoman

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For the past 10 years, Swayze Valentine has worked with MMA fighters as UFC’s first and only cutwoman, a heavy-duty role where she’s responsible for wrapping fighters’ hands and tending to their wounds between rounds. After being told that the only job available to women was as a ‘ring girl,’ Valentine fought and trained for years to earn her spot on the roster of UFC cutmen. Today, she’s traveling the world, breaking barriers and claiming her spot in the ring.

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29 thoughts on “Ringside With UFC’s One and Only Cutwoman”

  1. What are some female dominated sports or organizations that make it hard for a male to gain a spot?
    Just asking. And thinking about what if men feel more comfortable being around men doing these activities?
    Only playing devils advocate. I don't want to start some argument from a Feminist and no I'm not holding up the male Patriarchy. Just putting the shoe on the other foot.

  2. A ring girl wow. So many people think that women are supposed to show off their bodies like that and sometimes they want to, sometimes they wish to, sometimes they’re okay with that, but most of the times, they don’t want to, like why can’t they have the rights as men? I mean automatically some people would think “Oh yeah this is right, those men fight and these woman wear skimpy clothing and tight clothing and show off their bodies.”

  3. Women are probably better at being a cutman, they're always really careful and care more about people. They don't get in many fights and don't have to be too physical

  4. UFC is not a sport it’s an organization. MMA stands for mixed martial arts which is a sport. Get your facts right! Only dumb people say “doesn’t mess with me I train ufc!”

  5. Her story and the video in general is pretty decent, but god I️ hate when women just constantly complain about their job and think they’re so sick for doing something she thinks is a guys job. It just reminds all of us that girls need to be handed everything and coddled like a baby.

  6. I was like you don't. Then realized it was because she was cleaning em up and prepping them then I was like you do. However in this sport women shouldn't go against men unless they are in the same weight class. Should be the same for all sports?

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