Relive UFC 210 on UFC FIGHT PASS

Relive the awesome event that was UFC’s return to Buffalo, New York which saw Daniel Cormier defend his light heavyweight championship against Anthony Johnson on UFC FIGHT PASS.

33 thoughts on “Relive UFC 210 on UFC FIGHT PASS

  1. DANIEL FATBELLY CORMIER Jon Bones Jones is going 2 slap you wrestle you fuck you make you his bitch again like it went in the first fight fatfuck YOUR TIME IS OVER You shouldn't of bellyfucked anderson silva in that fight you fucked up now Jon Bones Jones is going 2 penetrate you for that gold that was allways hes property he will re-claim wat is rightfully hes. #JON BONES JONES 1#!

  2. relive rumble handing dc the w, yeah dc u winy bitch he handed it to u and Jon Jones is going to murder u in the octagon and then sniff cocaine from your bum hole peace

  3. MMA sucks right now. Everyone who says "oh i'm going to be a Bellator fan now." No you're not. Bellator is a fucking joke. They obviously don't have the same talent the Ufc does. The problem is that the ufc has absolutely no idea what to do with the damn talent. Fighting is dying. Soon, both promotions won't have enough financial power or superstardom to save it from Doctors exposing the effects of of a jab to the face. 10 years tops. Ufc will die. Bellator will die. Wsof will die. They're all going to die.

  4. Why everybody hate DC? Honnestly guys, why?
    He is a great fighter, has phenomenal Wrestling and Grappling skills! His fight against Gustafsson was very good, DC has already 37 years old but he is still on top!!
    He beat Silva, "Rumble" (twice!!!), Gustafsson (epic fight).
    He is a true Champion, he represent very well mma sport.
    I respect him a lot cause he is a small LHW fighter but he fight with his skills, his determination and with his head. He is an intelligent fighter.
    I have allways respect small fighters who fought biggers and tallers fighters like Fedor, Frankie, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Wanderlei Silva, Randy Couture, BJ Penn, Rashad Evans..

    DC deserve our respect as a fighter! He prooved he is a true Champ!!!

  5. Y is everyone saying rumble threw the fight Let me see u try to get up with D.C. On top of you. It's skills. That's what got the submission. Rumble did A good fight he's dangerous ass fuck. But once D.C. Gets u down it's over. Fuck all u lil bitches. Great fight. Loved it.

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