Rafael dos Anjos All Access Training & Recovery UFC Rochester

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The Schmo heads to Costa Mesa, CA to work with UFC Welterweight Rafael dos Anjos and Legendary Striking Coach Jason Parillo at the RVCA Gym ahead of UFC Rochester. The Schmo can confirm the training and recovery is top notch.

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48 thoughts on “Rafael dos Anjos All Access Training & Recovery UFC Rochester

  1. You have to respect the commitment. Absolutely love the Schmos. Yellow Rec Spec goggles haha.

    Gotta love Dave's ability to inject humor, make it entertaining, yet keep it about the fighter or subject. By not making it aboit him or making it a joke. Schmo does a great job asking real, answerable questions. Not simply the " how did it feel when you got punched then?" garbage or other reporters. Long into him. This guy has a real impressive resume and knows the business. I only hope his character doesnt come back to limit his chances because it's not " professional enough". The guys gaining a following, getting access, doing the job as good or better than anyone, and working his ass off.

    You may be a Schmo fighter Dave. But your changing the game as a pro media personality. Amazing work dude.

    The Schmos out.

    And if you think its stupid. Just look at the comfort level it puts the fighters into when they speak to him. Most instantly smile like they are taking to an old friend. Thats an old friend, class clown, cut up. The dude makes them feel comfortable, Asks real questions and really gets good shit out of them. If nothing else it shows them being fun and entertaining. Which is good for the UFC in general. If you want the sport to succeed with people who arent necessarily fans of theirs.

    Good work Schmo. Certainly not some old, Stuffy interviewer in a suit, that noone actually wants to be around or talk to.

  2. Schmo has some teleportation machine.. what in the fuck. The guys a beast for getting around! Subs should be coming faster but 28k subs in last few weeks ain't bad. 😆

  3. At first I thought The Schmo was hilarious but that his shtick would inevitably fade away. But now I see the work this guy is putting in to make this content, I think he's a fucking beast and he will go far in whatever he is doing

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