"Darren Till is an immature kid!" | Ben Askren UFC London interview

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UFC welterweight Ben Askren sits down with BT Sport’s Caroline Pearce during UFC London fight week to discuss a range of topics, from title shots, to Darren Till and the rest of his divisional rivals.

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48 thoughts on “"Darren Till is an immature kid!" | Ben Askren UFC London interview

  1. the super slo mo clearly shows robbie's arm moving forward after it hits the mat, before ben even looked up to see herb. unconscious men usually don't move their arms. nor does the super slo mo show that he adjusted his grip… it is what it is at this point, but i still think it was a bad stoppage. robbie deserves the rematch considering the fight could've been stopped during that ground and pound.

  2. As a Till supporter, this is the only time Ben Askren has pissed me off a little. Normally I find his trolling clever and hilarious, but right now I'm getting just a little glimpse into how ANNOYING it must have been all along for those on the receiving end 🙂

  3. Man ben is really really solid… Robbie was fresh when he was throwing those punches and ben took them clean in the face man… Goshh… This guy. His movements look clumsy but what can u say! Maybe its the style😂

  4. Is anyone else a little worried that Ben already isn't the same after that head throw… he seems to stumble with words a bit more than he used to. I hope he just needs a little time to recover.

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