Ninja Reacts to UFC CONOR McGREGOR vs KHABIB Submission & Fight In the Crowd! (Fortnite BR)

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Ninja Reacts to CONOR McGREGOR vs KHABIB Submission & Fight In the Stands! (Fortnite BR)

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49 thoughts on “Ninja Reacts to UFC CONOR McGREGOR vs KHABIB Submission & Fight In the Crowd! (Fortnite BR)”

  1. Ninja:
    1. If he gets fucked, it’s a stream sniper
    2. If a player using default skin he rages
    3. Calling players bad/trash when that guy/player just took a big dump on him
    4. Makes fun of PS4 players, when nickmercs was destroying PC players on Tournaments( He killed Tfue who’s better than ninja) but ok
    5. He hates everyone who’s better than him
    6. He’s so cringe, he thinks he’s funny( he used to be funny)
    7. I wish ninja gets raped irl please🙌🏻

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