My breakdown of UFC 234 main and co-main!!

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Analysis of the main and co-main: Robert Whitaker vs Kelvin Gastelum and Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya

25 thoughts on “My breakdown of UFC 234 main and co-main!!

  1. I pray to God or whatever is out there that Anderson Silva can somehow win. Silva is not only my hero, but Israel’s and millions of others hero also. Silva is damn near 45 and the way he wins is exactly what you say. He needs to use his mind and set traps with experience being his only main advantage. He needs to frustrate Israel and make the fight hideous.

  2. I disagree that Adesanya is vulnerable due to flashiness. The biggest thing I see in his highlights is his defense-first mindset. He worries about the getting hit before hitting.

  3. Definetly better advice than Henry gave to Anderson chief. Keep at it Jimmy, even DC, The Rock, Artem Lobov and Cannabis were all unappreciated for a long time. You will shine again sir (not a bald joke)

  4. They leave that doofus sports guy on and they leave Paul Felder on but they get rid of Jimmy Smith?
    You got some real bone heads making decisions over at the UFC.

  5. Anyway the mma core fans can help you out dawg. You're one of the best fight minds alive. Just keep posting, we'll keep liking and watching. Fuck that tomato headed goof, Jimmy Smith is the shit.

  6. Hey Jimmy! Love your breakdowns! The ufc made a mistake letting you go but honestly it doesnt matter. Your passion and who you are will push forward. Keep putting out great content like this

  7. Jimmy ur the man! Ur a great commentator with a ton of knollage and u even train with fighters and talk insider info with them! Keep it up brotha the UFC let u go cause u don't scream and go full retard when something happens for the drones of just bleed fans! They'll be sorry! Keep up the great work love from chi town poha!

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