Monday Morning Analyst: Holly Holm, CM Punk Lessons From UFC 225

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At UFC 225, Holly Holm demonstrated real improvement in her incredible win over Megan Anderson at UFC 225. By contrast, the CM Punk experiment appears to have come to a grinding halt after a poor showing against Mike Jackson on the same fight card. We’ll go over the good and bad of it all. It’s the Monday Morning Analyst with Luke Thomas.

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38 thoughts on “Monday Morning Analyst: Holly Holm, CM Punk Lessons From UFC 225”

  1. If you watch Rampage in Pride vs Randleman who is a elite college wrestler and Jackson was able to use underhooks to stop all of Kevin's takedowns which is no easy feat.

    I was shocked by how Rampage pummeling for those underhooks was so critical in the fight and proves the value of a fight

  2. I was very impressed with Holm's ground game. There's obviously lots of room for improvement, but at least she has a clear-cut plan when on top. Ok I'm gonna go half guard, reverse half guard, 3/4 mount, knee cut, side control. And I want to point out that, at 15:37, he didn't put enough emphasis on the grip Holly has with her left hand. It's more important than he gave it credit for, I understand he was focusing on underhooks for this episode, but let me just explain to people who don't know. This position is called reverse half guard. Megan's got a butterfly hook which is nice, but look at the left hand of Holly. What that wrist control does is it prevents the bottom player from claiming the far-side underhook. So, Holly doesn't have the underhook (which is used in standard side control), but in this case (reverse half), she has that wrist control to prevent Megan from getting it. Negating Megan's ability to claim the underhook allows Holly to work on the lower body – passing/striking the legs. I also want to point out that this exact wrist control can also be used from side control. From side control, it's a great way to set up mount, and it also stops Megan from being able to reach over with her far-side leg to drag Holly's leg back into half guard. This is because that wrist control pins the elbow of Megan to the ground, thus killing her ability to turn into Holm. I'd like to see this wrist control grip be used a lot more from side control, I think it's a useful control mechanism. I hope somebody learned something.

  3. After she got outboxed by Shevchenko, she realised she needed to change things up. Good on Holm for adjusting and not being afraid to change at this late stage of her career.

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