? MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #122: UFC OKC Lee / Chiesa Controversy; Bellator NYC: Chael Wins, Fedor Loses

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All podcasts (video+mp3) can be found here: http://mmaheat.com/podcast/. On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss some of the action that went down at UFC Oklahoma City, where Kevin Lee defeated Michael Chiesa in the main event, and at Bellator NYC, where Chael Sonnen defeated Wanderlei Silva in the night’s top billed bout. They also discuss several other fights, including Johny Hendricks vs Tim Boetsch, Felice Herring vs Justine Kish, BJ Penn vs Dennis Siver, Matt Mitrione vs Fedor Emelianenko and Michael Chandler vs Brent Primus.

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41 thoughts on “? MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #122: UFC OKC Lee / Chiesa Controversy; Bellator NYC: Chael Wins, Fedor Loses”

  1. Why cover Bellator if the majority of it will be negative? Carla did the same thing Chael did in her fight & it wasn't talked about. You work for the UFC and you fight for the UFC, just cover UFC stuff. IMO the Belabor card was better besides the 2 trash title fights. UFC had it's moments here & there but a bunch of decisions.

  2. Awesome podcast as always. Bellator in NYC was a unique experience. They had bad pacing from the word GO!. The funny part was that they were trying to copy the success that Karyn has by having their own panel; Mauro hosted Bellator 180 with Brendan Schuab and Josh Thomson with Goldie taking over for Bellator NYC. The commission wasnt the controversy this time which was surprising. Business wise, things didnt go according to plan. Brent Primus wasnt supposed to be Bellator Lightweight Champion. I would love to see the vegas books for that match cause that could easily have been Ronda Rousey levels. Zach Freeman was supposed to lose. Zach was also making his Bellator debut but hasnt fought since September when he injured his hand and lost in RFA Lightweight Championship fight to Thiago Moises. He literally got no love at media week. Only 2 journalists James Lynch and Ariel Helwani talked to him. Zach went to 9-2 with the win. Aaron was hyped like he the shit he will win. Ryan Bader only got that title shot cause he signed with Bellator lets be honest. Ryan vs Mr Wonderful II showed me that while the UFC Lightweight division may need fresh blood, its badass. It was the same fight as UFC on fox 14.

    UFC Oklahoma was a good card. I thought I was losing it when I saw the 12-6 elbow rule being broken (thanks for the shoutout). I went online after the post show and saw that some pros and I agree, you cant take away the fact that Kevin Lee is on a 5 fight win streak, the elbows were obvious. When Felice was saying that she wasnt getting respected, I think she is talking about #14 Cynthia Calviio who is meeting no #7 Jojo Calderwood at UFC Fight Night 113- Nelson vs Ponzibbio on July 16th, that will be her 4th fight of 2017 and its July while Felice fought twice. I was surprised at the matchmaking cause I thought Felice should have gotten a top 10 opponent. I know Mike wont bitch about the elbows but his team for sure will say something about the elbows. Kevin and his team should kiss Mario's ass cause Mike show NO signs of Ring rust, he could have easily gotten out of the situation. I think Tony is getting antsy. Its been 7 months since he fought and he isnt injured. Conor is playing games fighting Floyd and the Lightweight Division is on ice. I think they should do Khabib and Tony and have someone like Kevin be on standby. They should strip Conor, its been 7 months and it could be 13 months at least before we get a title defense at ALL. Tony was being professional. Sometimes its hard to remove the fighter hat and be a commentator/analyst. DC, TWood, and Tyron all do it really well and it dont look easy at all even though it might at times. Have to admit, the back and forth with Tony and Kevin made great tv and hopefully UFC has him on standby if they sign Tony and Khabib for a 4th time.

  3. please change the name to the ufc heat because you are both clearly bias when covering bellator fights. love the podcast but can't stand the hate. jouban should fight his contract out to head over to bellator and finally get paid.

  4. Kish was dealing with air/pain choke (and was hand fighting all the way) and Chiesa was dealing with blood choke and stopped hand fighting. Not saying Yamasaki was right or wrong, I'm just saying it's not fair to compare the two because they were different. From what I see, Herrig's forearm was across Kish's throat, thus not a blood choke

  5. I don't see it as Kevin Lee calling out the #1 contender (i don't see Khabib as the #1 anymore btw). Instead, I see him calling out a higher ranked Khabib who missed weight that resulted in the cancellation of a big title eliminator fight. Khabib shouldn't be "rewarded" for being unprofessional. He messed up, so he should deal with the consequences. He should now fight a lower ranked fighter and Kevin Lee sounds good to me. Like rumored, apparently there was some kind of plan of making that Ferguson Barboza rematch. If that's the case, Khabib vs Lee makes sense

  6. 12-6 elbows is a stupid rule to begin with. How can u even determine it's exactly vertical/12-6 in realtime. I saw two elbows. The first one wasn't illegal imo. The second one is more iffy. Again, like I already said, u can always argue with "seemingly" 12-6 elbows. Even with instant replay it's hard. Plus I don't think it had an effect on the fight anyway

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