MMA DFS | UFC UFC 234: Whittaker vs. Gastelum [DraftKings]

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My DraftKings Plays for the Upcoming UFC 234 Fight Card #UFCMELBOURNE #MMADFS

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5 thoughts on “MMA DFS | UFC UFC 234: Whittaker vs. Gastelum [DraftKings]

  1. Yo bro I watch all the breakdowns by everyone on here and I like ur style if u ever need someone to bounce off of in some breakdowns holler at me on Twitter @moscream2

  2. Showing your picks like this, leans everybody to the same line-ups. If you win, the purse will be divided like 3-ways. I would recommend to viewers;
    try to find where you disagree, when you pick your line-up, that way; your not just fallowing the crowd…

  3. I'm playing three cards for this weekend. All of my cards revolve around Gastelum either knocking out Whittaker or scoring at least 50 points in a loss.. if he can score 10-15 points per round then that's enough for me to get something in return if the rest of my card wins their fights. As long as Gastelum isn't finished early I'm liking my chances this week, but who knows with these Australian cards.

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