McGregor’s team explaining his pre-fight routine

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Joe is joined by MMA coach & Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, John Kavanagh, and performance nutrition specialist George Lockhart.

40 thoughts on “McGregor’s team explaining his pre-fight routine”

  1. In my own worthless opinion – Conor needs to get himself and Kavanagh on the road and be training with absolute killers. Its not like he doesn't have the money for it. Muay Thai guys from Thailand. Get Freddie Roche in for boxing etc. He was a poor version of himself in 229. I all but guarantee he hasn't trained properly since Mayweather a year ago. Too much going on for him. Too much partying.

  2. Also, you can bet your last donut that the ground and pound Khabib put on him in the 2nd(?) round – he has never experienced anything like that. And what in the hell is McGregor doing in the cage with Artem!! Seriously, what in the feck will he learn from that experience? C'mon.

  3. If you are a fat fuck that doesn't workout and then you go on a low carb low fat high protein diet and start working out you will absolutely lose fat from burning excess calories and you will gain muscle from your workouts and proper protein intake. Obviously when you get down below 20% body fat you'll either have to bulk to gain muscle or cut to lose fat. But when You are legitimately obese and very obese you absolutely can lose fat and gain muscle with a solid workout regiment and proper diet.

  4. its funny cuz i remember when guys like frankie edgar and bj penn were winning at 155, now its khabib who's frame is as big as GSP fighting at 155. not blaming him hes fighting other guys like barboza whos 6ft and not scrawny and al iaqinta and connor etc. 155ers 10 years ago are 135ers now, kinda crazy

  5. didn't Khabib used to have George Lockhart around when he failed at weight ins…? Now he make weight ins and the dude is around Conor? I hear people say this George Lockhart is bad for athletes

  6. In all honesty I felt like that dude has no clue what he is really doing. He threw big words out there but never actually explained it in a way where it answered Joe's question. There was even a point where he was like I think the formula is this ? I've never met a nutritionist who didnt know exact formulas for people to calculate there intake

  7. Pretty sure you can be in ketosis, lose fat and still gain muscle…you can eat less carbs and fat then your burning by still eat enough protein for growth….I am no expert but I have heard this from other people who are

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