Max Holloway talks with Megan Olivi about his health before his title defense | INTERVIEW | UFC 231

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Max Holloway talks with Megan Olivi about how he is feeling after making weight ahead of his title fight defense at UFC 231 from Toronto, Canada.

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Max Holloway talks with Megan Olivi about his health before his title defense | INTERVIEW | UFC 231


31 thoughts on “Max Holloway talks with Megan Olivi about his health before his title defense | INTERVIEW | UFC 231

  1. I cant bet against Max even though it's T-City. I love that dude and think he may be better but giving the cinfidence right of way to Max for now….but it won't be an easy night.

  2. Most anticipated fight of the YEAR BY FAR!!! Two of the best martial artists in the game that let their performance do the talking love this!!!! Tcity by 🔽 ☠️ in the 3rd

  3. Nate and nick has been talking like that all there career , It’s called Cte you get it after getting your head pounded in a couple times 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. I suspect Max has CTE. He's been fighting and taking punishment since he was 19. Majority of people don't start fighting as a pro at that age. Especially in MMA. He is only 27, but after taking so many forceful hits to the head since he was 19 and over the course of 22 fights, it really messed him up.

    His body can still cope and function despite the symptoms he is showing, namely the slurred speech and depression, because he's young, and it's early on and the condition probably hasn't progressed much yet, but we all can see that there is something definitely going on with him. Imagine how he will be in 10 years. There is no treamtent for CTE, thus it's not something that can be reversed. I hope the best for him.

    However, it's impossible to know if he has CTE for sure. But, It is known that most documented cases of CTE occurred in fighters, and athletes in contact sports, because of reptitive head injuries. The only way to diagnosis CTE definitively is brain biopsy, and examining the tissue, this can only be done postmortem obviously. Otherwise, doctors have to rely on the symptoms a person is showing to make a diagnosis. But, many things can cause slurred speech, depression, etc., which makes diagnosing CTE that much more difficult.

    Junior Seau, one of the greatest NFL defensive players off all time had CTE, but that wasn't known at the time of his death. Friends say Seau exhbited signs of depression before his death. He committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest. He didn't leave a note. Years ealier another football player commited suicide by shooting himself in the chest. And he left a sucide note asking for his brain to be examined for trauma. The doctors findings showed that he had CTE. Findings showed Junior had definitive signs of CTE, similar to the autopsies of people who suffered reptitive head injuries. Since then over 100 brains of NFL players have been examined and all but one had CTE. Depression is a symptom commonly associated with CTE, and can be seen as an early warning sign, especially in those people who are most susceptible for CTE.

    Therefore, it's not unreasonable to speculate that Max may have CTE due to reptitive head trauma (even without loss of conciousness) from forceful blows to the head, and him having depression. Speech problems is also associated with CTE.

    CTE manifests as dementia, and parkinson like symptoms (tremors, unsteady gait). It can take years or decades for the brain to degenerate to this last stage of CTE.

    Those are some tough breaks. Hope Max considers retiring early if his conditions don't improve, and he continues to show potential signs of CTE. I pray for the guy.

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