Marines vs. UFC Fighter

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Retired UFC fighter Josh Koshcheck competes against Marines in a grappling competition and shares his knowledge on the discipline of fighting.

(2nd Marine Division video by Cpl. Melanye Martinez and Cpl. Christian J. Robertson)

45 thoughts on “Marines vs. UFC Fighter

  1. MMA is a sport to get a pin (wrestling) or tap out or put opponents into submissions. MCMAP is to kill the enemy quick and fast like kravmagav. Don't compare the two they are for different purposes

  2. I think I heard somewhere on an mma podcast that Koscheck has a company that works with soldiers/marines etc in all sort of ways. So he probably does this sort of stuff a lot. Good to see him use his fame and money for something positive.

  3. Can I please just point out to all those who are going to say something about the Marines losing to Koscheck… if they could all beat him then there would be no point in paying him to come in and train with the Marines!!!

    You only get reallygood when you fight/train/practice with people who are better than you. So the Corps brought in an MMA fighter to kick the Marines’ asses so THEY GET BETTER!!! This is not about stroking egos, this is about raising the bar for the Marines.

  4. Ufc fighter against Recon or Raider Marine. These marines have at least a shot to compete against a professional MMA fighter at an elite level like UFC. And josh doesn’t even scratch the top 10 at this weight class in ufc.

  5. I have had my gun jam when full of mud. The only thing left was my hands and feet. It's all about survival. We didn't carry k bars or bayonets. Without that ability to fight without your rifle, your more likely to not come home.

  6. All these people commenting about well if it was a recon or MARSOC or this or that listen up. We hardly train in unarmed combat in the Marine Corps. I have practiced BJJ for only about a year and I’m a skinny dude and I constantly tap out all sorts of MCMAP belts and I’m only a grey belt. Doing a MCMAP course once every other year doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you’d learn in a BJJ school in a month.

  7. When are you pussies going to go down to the border AND STOP THIS FUCKING 3rd WORLD INVASION!? Do average citizens need to arm themselves and head down there to do your job for you???? What the fuck is going on? Too much transgender training? Have bowed on bended knee to foreign nations? DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

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