Leslie Smith To File Lawsuit Against The UFC

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21 thoughts on “Leslie Smith To File Lawsuit Against The UFC”

  1. Leslie's a very hard worker who is only worried about fighters being treated in a real professional manner not only about their obligations but their rights and fair payment, health plan assured by an Union backing the fight community up. Leslie Smith has to go to Justice to make UFC do the right thing.

  2. I don't think she has any real case. If she was fired PURELY because she wanted to make a fighters union, that may be a case she could win – but the fact that her contract was coming to a close, she had the option to fight her last fight and didn't want to, and then received the full pay of the fight and knew in doing so that her contract would end… The UFC have done nothing remotely illegal in choosing not to give Leslie a new contract. I don't see any scenario in which she wins.

  3. Lady has to follow her heart. Leslie is an entertaining fighter, so I hope something can get worked out, but she isn't interested in playing ball with the UFC.

  4. Yes sir you're absolutely right sir, no one will sign her without a very solid and anti union contract. I hear her points and can't say she's wrong but she did shoot her self in the foot. I wish she would have looked for advice before she spoke up. No one can say she wasn't rushed and hushed out of the UFC but the way they did it was legal and would be hard to dispute sadly . Just my quick opinion on the matter:( I hope that she does well for herself and still keeps "greatness" in her life

  5. Has zero case. She is a private contractor. Ufc fulfilled her contract and chose not to rehire. No one is intitled to tell a private company who they must or must not Hire. Nevada , like Texas, is a right to work state. Her lawsuit will never make it past the AG's desk to be heard by a judge. She played her hand and failed. Has zero case.

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