Khabib will get wrecked if he fights undefeated welterweight Ben Askren,Derrick Lewis on DC

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36 thoughts on “Khabib will get wrecked if he fights undefeated welterweight Ben Askren,Derrick Lewis on DC”

  1. why u guys always talking bout khabib vs ben and khabib vs tyron? Ben Askren is 170, let tyron woodley vs ben askren in Welterweight. and khabib vs tony. Tony Ferguson , very interesting fight vs khabib and the only relevant guy left for khabib in 155.

  2. Apparently these dumbasses below dont know that ben wrestled woodley and beat him really easily woodleys way bigger and stronger than khabib he walks around at 220pounds ben would smash him most of bens wins were against much bigger guys

  3. Askren is going to murder till. Askren is a phenomenal grappler and hes a heavy hitter. He definitely hasn't fought anyone as close top the top 10 in the welterweight division but I know his wrestling is world class and definitely will stop a lot of people. People keep forgetting that khabib had more than 1/2 of his fights outside of the UFC and look what he did to rda, barboza, etc.

  4. Khabib gets Ben . Sambo is different than American wrestling we see it daily… didnt another Dagestan product just dismantle and top American in the olympics a week ago? The way they wrestle is more for actual combat and less for sport. Also bens stand up makes Khabib look like a God stand up. He’s just less than Khabib all over. He’d get destroyed. We act like Khabib doesn’t wrestle with Olympic caliber wrestlers all the time including DC who’s also soooo much heavier and smarter than Ben

  5. Fuck up Woodley you fucking snapperhead muppet your a fucking moron you punch 🥊 drunk 😵 confused 🤷‍♂️ like your career idiot fucking whining like a bitch about not being promoted by the UFC and Dana properly damn mate eat shit

  6. I'm a fan of Tyron, but I think he's just looking for someone else to fight Khabib, instead of him. He'd probably say Duke Roufus could handle Khabib if it will put another person between him and the Eagle lol! And Chandler? Lmao! I didn't realize Tyron was joking!

  7. Forget MMA Ben was like a super human at the VERY highest level of Wrestling. He got his hat like Khabib's by destroying the best the world had to offer in many tournaments he earned it. Yes he could be clipped going in don't kid yourself if he gets pretty much anyone to the ground its done… The UFC guys who sparred with him know this all to well.

    Its not a question can he dominate top UFC fighters on the ground he already has many of them. The question is can he take them down and survive the stand up. Ben is a crazy guy great smack talker and his pride will not let him quite in the cage. Only a few wrestlers at his level compete DC and Yoel. They was just good at wrestling Ben was like the Goat. Ben and Khabib would be a great match just don't expect Khabib to have his way on the ground would be a great fight!

  8. ben askren beat them all up, u ll see. maybe vs woodley it ll be difficult, but askren would beat woodley in the end i think. khabib vs askren would be excitin, but khabib cant beat askren at his weight and askren wouldnt go down to lw division. So thats unlikely. But askren ll go through this division like no one before, trust me. Ok maybe wrestling and jj is not that exciting, but i think it ll be more then fun to watch these fights.

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