Khabib Nurmagomedov vows to ‘maul’ Conor McGregor at UFC 229 | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show | ESPN

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Khabib Nurmagomedov joins Ariel Helwani’s show to preview UFC 229 against Conor McGregor, saying “I’m going to make this guy pay.”

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36 thoughts on “Khabib Nurmagomedov vows to ‘maul’ Conor McGregor at UFC 229 | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show | ESPN”

  1. You can have all the heart in the world its completely pointless against skill, Khabib has less striking skills than Stephen Hawking , heart won't win this fight because its not evenly matched skill-wise from both sides …. and Conor has got into his head if he seriously believes he's a drunk and he's out of shape

  2. Conor didn't beat champions like Aldo or Eddie because of mind games, he beat them because he is a very good fighter, if the mind games work or don't work makes no difference it comes down to skills in the octagon and believing Conor isn't skilled is more of a mistake than succumbing to his insults

  3. You can't blame Khabib for thinking Dana was behind the bus incident, he is a simple man compared to the scheming and plotting whites' UFC, especially chummy with Conor at pressers and the UFC promos all want Conor to win. Saying this im not saying Conor is in on it, just an unknowingly participant, another UFC pawn for dana to manipulate by letting his gang in the building and who knows what else, he probably put khabib and artem and conor rooms next to each other on purpose years ago.

  4. Why wouldn't the UFC want Conor to win, he makes them money, he's an exciting fighter and an exciting talker , Khabib may be popular in Russia but so is racism and homophobia as well as political assasinations so why would UFC want get behind this boring guy even if he wins

  5. Do people actually believe Mc Gregor bribed his team ? Lol . Putin invited him to Russia! Where else do you think he got his information. He got the low down on everybody while there. They recently did a Q+A in Russia , who they wanted to win , Russians favored Mc Gregor.

  6. Muslims and dagestanis are not prostitutes like you westernized irish shits 😂. With all your leaked nudes and shit

    The world is a big diverse place you know. Stop projecting your own characteristics into others 😂😂

  7. omg can you imagine if conor rocked him got him out on his feet and then finishes him with a spinning heel or some other crazy kick? he might instantly become the most famous athlete of all time. sounds crazy but who else could compare? someone like pele or jordan? the difference is this is fighting and today there's the internet. i dont think there's a country on the planet that wouldnt have citizens youtubing it.

  8. The truth of the matter is Connor needs to get into other people's heads to win cause he can't do that physically. Connor is a very overrated fighter and more known for his mouth and wild childlike behaviour. Maybe he didn't have good parents to teach him how to control himself like the rest of us?

  9. Is this guy going bye the best or eagle cause I’m bout tired of his shit im going to mail you crap talk. Bears maul people . Then change your nickname to the bear. Not one part of your fighting style even remotely resembles an eagle .

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