KHABIB Nurmagomedov first Muslim in UFC HISTORY | WHY ALI KAYTUKOV left fighting career in cage MMA?

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We’ll be talking about the very first Muslim champion KHABIB Nurmagomedov to win the UFC belt in the HISTORY of UFC and WHY his close friend and brother in Islam ALI KAYTUKOV left his fighting career in the cage MMA, Conor McGregor, being unapologetically Muslim, Muhammad Ali, With a inspirational motivational message to ALL MMA Fighters and a special Message to KHABIB Nurmagomedov in Russian at the end.

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48 thoughts on “KHABIB Nurmagomedov first Muslim in UFC HISTORY | WHY ALI KAYTUKOV left fighting career in cage MMA?

  1. Where is this man from (Ali)?
    He implied he was Dagestani, but then he said his family was Christian.
    I would have assumed he was Georgian or something, but then he said his people were pagan and worshipped "trees, mountains, etc.", so he's probably North Caucasian not South Caucasian.
    So what is his ethnic group? I didn't know there were majority Christian ethnic groups in the North Caucasus.

  2. Why he saying it's haram? Look what Muhammad Ali did for Islam and just imagine what khabib is now in a position to do. Very interesting that he has the Russia connection given how things are developing Geo politically.

  3. Since I came to learn about the Imam Shamil of Caucuses Dagestan in one of the talks by Sheikh Zahir Mehmood. I fell in love with the warriors of caucuses. I see all the warrior brothers as Imam Shamil's courage and bravery in this time.

  4. May Allah guide him and all muslim fighters. As the brother said not all muslim fighters have basic islamic knowledge so they dont know about islam. May Allah increase them in knowledge.

  5. Khabib is a true example of a real Muslim, unaffected by all the Khafirs who try to bring Islam down, a real man, a real fighter, he will spread the dawah of Islam with his power, he is the new Muhammad Ali, Insha Allah we have more Islamic superstars and athletes like Khabib. not afraid to raise his head high with Islam in his hearts, these are the role models we need in todays age of Islamaphobia, mine was Muhammad Ali growing up and today my kids have Khabib.

  6. there are tons of Muslims who would win UFC championships if they let them compete. Khabib was shunned for a long time and they only let him fight for championship because it was so obvious he was been kept away and the fans started making noise. Khabib could have been world champion at least 3 years ago.

  7. Khabib is a beautiful Muslim. Fearless about Islam, and in the way he fights. He Carries him to best if his abilities. He's maintain his deen, and surrounds him self with with other Muslim

  8. Congratulations to Khabib, but why is this guy calling Dagestan, Chechnya as a country, can't be country inside country, they are only republics of country Russia. If u are not agree, ask real chechenian Ramzan Kadyrov the Head of Chechnya is he Head of a republic or of a "country, which still inside of Russia", he will answer to u clearly. Dont need to disinform people.

  9. 8:45
    That's what they reduced Christianity to, subhanaLlah, new years, birthdays, and the only one who can grow a beard is santan clause. And churches are only for funerals. I know, I generalized a lot, not everywhere is the same.
    And other thing, they are called people of the book, but ask a Christian when was the last time he read his Bible? Many of them read once in their lifetime and that would be quite an achievement. And other thing, is what they do, they split the book into parts, this part only for Jews and other only for Christians, but all of it is in one book.
    AlhamduliLlah, Allah allowed me to see through this hypocrisy in their practices and from early on I questioned why do Christians follow man called Paul instead of Jesus. Jesus was a follower of Moses Law, Paul cursed it (Galatians 3:10). So who's right, Prophet of the Almighty or some so called saint?
    Got all my answers in Islam. AlhamduliLlah!
    Салам алейкум моим братьям с Кавказа!

  10. My God the nostalgia, i stumbled upon an old deen show video and once i heard the intro song i knew i heard it befr, found out that i watched it when i was like 6 years old, im so glad he's still alive

  11. isnt it against the teachings of the prophet to beat up someone s face? Or does it become a sunnah when someone does such a thing but bows down to the ground and yells Allah is the Greatest?

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