Kamaru Usman & dos Anjos have awkward encounter at UFC Rochester, Kevin Lee on loss to RDA

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– Kevin Lee speaks loss to Rafael dos Anjos at UFC Rochester

– Kamaru Usman, Rafael dos Anjos have awkward encounter during UFC Rochester post-fight interview

– Tyron Woodley on withdrawal from Robbie Lawler rematch

– Israel Adesanya visits old school in Africa and trains with boxers, MMA fighters

– Holly Holm training for UFC 239, Amanda Nunes bout

– Dustin Poirier unsure if title bout versus Khabib in Abu Dhabi will happen.
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23 thoughts on “Kamaru Usman & dos Anjos have awkward encounter at UFC Rochester, Kevin Lee on loss to RDA

  1. Wow kahbib is finally gonna fight,…..wow. You know ,….a real champ defends way more than once every 2 years. Come one UFC ,these champs need to defend,defend,defend.

  2. For some reason, i always got the impression they were sitting behind that desk. Not once did i think they were standing! Nobody cares tyron. Go rap. Props to isreal. Holly looking great as usual. Thank you for the memory of knocking out whats her face with that head kick. We all know DP isnt ready for bear boy. Usman is a big 170. Rda is a 155er. Dont see rda beating him honestly. But its mma, anything can happen at any time. With that being said, lets go!

  3. Love that moment caught on camera that True Grit straight up Honesty! Respect to Kevin Lee, you ain't no Bruce Lee baby, but you're doing just fine 😉 I admire that…

  4. Kevin Lee was far too aggressive & too reckless. He was too relentless going for the take downs. His coaching is partially to blame. Lee was not able to take JDA down, however he was able to control JDA, pinning him to the cage with relative ease. At the end of the 3rd round, Lee's coaches should have advised him to push his advantage by keeping JDA by the cage & utilizing dirty boxing (Randy Couture style), softening JDA to setup eventual takedowns. Instead Lee tired himself out with relentless takedowns, he was too predictable & then when Lee ended up on the ground, on the bottom, instead of taking a breather & regrouping, he recklessly continued to push forward. This drained Lee to the point of exhaustion & it also presented an opening for JDA to go for the submission, which he did without hesitating.

  5. Kevin Lee needs to face his demons. He has the talent to be a world champion but he has an unstable mindset. And he shouldn't be so hard on himself for losing to RDA…..he had some good moments in the fight and RDA has fought almost all the toughest guys at 170 and 155.

    He's like 10% away from greatness….he almost beat Ferguson, he beat Barboza, he dropped RDA. That 10% is mental.

  6. Ty….run….. at it again… we've seen these old tricks before… trying to get out of the way for team mates… Ray Charles can see your duck and run tricks… tyrun,you will be in bellator soon, just not soon enough… old boring ass,pull out artists

  7. I used to think Woodley was scared to lose his belt. Now I know he's just scared. Gotta say it was nice not hearing Woodley talk for a bit, but I see he's using his injury to try and stay relevant.

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