Jose Aldo vs Renato Moicano Full Fight Highlights

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43 thoughts on “Jose Aldo vs Renato Moicano Full Fight Highlights

  1. It seems to me that Junior's nasty new looping liver shot has largely taken the place of his now mostly mothballed legendary rear/power leg kick specifically when it comes to sustained forward moving offensive attacks. With that being said, GEEZZZ!!!!!, those last 30 seconds were something special, something near primal. So, of course I'm very excited he wants to finish his contact ASAP because 1) he's on fire and 2) we get to see him in few non-title but "money fights" so to speak; Big name matchups the UFC hopes to sell like hotcakes for the next Brazil, Fight Week, or New Year's Events. He also sustained very little damage which is always a good thing. Look, I've been a big fan of this guy since his early WEC days and I couldn't be happier to see him really finding his mojo as of late. WAR ALDO!!

  2. The refs are really stopping fights standing now it’s stupid. If he had survived that he probably could’ve had a chance at winning we all know Aldo gasses after flurries.

  3. That was not an early stoppage. Brother man was out on his feet…if he had at least tried to throw a punch maybe…he was just eating shots with no response. Just the fact that he is now saying he does not remember the punch that started this shows he was out of it.

  4. jose aldo was champion and after his losses vs conor and max he started to chose garbage and trash fighters to take his fame back.. won't happen aldo ))) you have to defeat champ not a monkey ))

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