Jon Jones, USADA & The Pringles Defence

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Jon Jones (born July 19, 1987) is an American professional mixed martial artist who is currently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is the current and three-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, having won the undisputed championship twice and interim championship once, and the youngest champion in UFC history, winning his first UFC world championship at age 23. Jones is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional fighters of all-time. – From wikipedia

25 thoughts on “Jon Jones, USADA & The Pringles Defence

  1. In my opinion, the pulsing assumption is valid if the substance is fat soluble. The same thing would happen with thc which gets stored in your fat if you could measure such small amounts of thc metabolites. Maybe the fact that it’s chlorinated causes it to be fat soluble.

  2. Even accounting for flimsy and disputed science, I think it is downright impossible to argue that the M3 meatbolites in Jones' system were stubborn residues. I mean, if this shit cycles out beyond detection in 40-50 days out of a 50 year old body, then how long would anybody expect it to stay in the body of an elite athlete like Jon Jones? How is his metabolism supposed to be more than half a dozen times slower than the one of a 50 year old lab rat?

    Also, where was this benefit of the doubt, when it came to Frank Mir? Who cares? Frank Mir is a washed up heavyweight, right!? But when it happens to their main event, they jump on this flimsy shit. It's laughable. And very transparent.

    THE UFC was desperate for a PPV outside of Conor vs. Khabib, that was doing well. Because 2018, safe for Conor vs. Khabib, was not a good year at all for the UFC. And they have a four billion dollar investor breathing down their neck.

  3. Excellent informed presentation. Nobody else, as far as I have seen, has arrived at this conclusion, and hinted at the enormity of potential consequences. The only thing anybody can be certain of is more scientific research on turinabol detection is necessary. However, personally I still can't get away from the feeling cheats are way ahead of the detection science. Cheats know where the gaps in scientific research are, and how to exploit them.

  4. I have a solution. Here me out:

    USADA and maybe a legit medical institute can conduct tests on my out of shape ass pumping me full of steroids and pay me for it. They can monitor its effects like checking if I can knock a guy out, have symptoms of road rage and can't get my dick up. All in the name of science.

  5. He's a microdoeser he tested 60-80 picogram but before that he tested 6 and 7 picogram he's definitely a microdoeser. Doesnt deserve the belt or anything in the UFC the cheater

  6. Hang on, so thier trying to say that its from the steroids he'd taken before ………? But Jones said he never took anything and never cheated ……… ? lol , so hes a drug cheat and a liar …….

    And yes im a DC fan so maybe im biased.

  7. creatine is really cheap, why the fuck would someone put real steroids in it?? that makes no sense you would lose money, you cut staff to make more money not less wtf

  8. Mmw with another banger. All of his videos are bangers. However through further investigation this might be the best of his videos. When you look into the details and the tests he proclaims throughout the Dispute MMW points out one simple conclusion that we all knew before and after jones fought. This mothafucka is positive for shit that science cannot even prove. And the reason being is if they prove that they where indeed wrong mothafuckas whole lives have been screwed because of it. Simple answer is jon gets a pass and if you don’t make real money you get banged on. The Ufc makes a deal for jones because of his name and what he’s worth. Any other fighter they would be suspended or in jones case they would be banished from the company. This is something as a fan I wish the would do. This isn’t a sport where you can cheat and just give someone an injury for a few months people have literally died in the octagon or ring in boxing. The mma community has to see through this bullshit and stop buying this guys fight because he is a disgrace. And the company is just as much. I love mma I practice all forms but this is bullshit. In any other sport no matter the athlete you are not forgiven. This sport is becoming something it shouldn’t. Have integrity

  9. You keep saying assumptions that Jeff was making. But he didn't assume anything. He consulted with the top scientists in the anti doping field and they told him that what he's saying is what the science backs up.

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