Joe Rogan on CM Punk vs Mike Jackson – UFC 225

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Joe Rogan talks to Joe Schilling and Daniel Straus about the CM Punk vs Mike Jackson fight at UFC 225. From the JRE MMA Show #31. Full podcast – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCR0Je9J4to

Joe Rogan – CM Punk Has No Talent & Mike Jackson Annoyed Dana White

29 thoughts on “Joe Rogan on CM Punk vs Mike Jackson – UFC 225”

  1. Punk is one of the most physically ungifted WWE top guys ever. He’s the polar opposite of Lesnar physically. No athleticism at all, weird as hell considering being an athlete is in his job description.

  2. Joe is a douchebag to begin with and has always hated Cm Punk and anyone that tries to dispute that is delusional,as for Schilling lol at him talking about Punk as if he is sooo much better with his 2-5 record and non existent ground game he shouldn't be criticizing anybody
    and should stick to kickboxing,Joe is only butt hurt because he knows that Punk had the balls to get in there while he didn't so to compensate for that he shits all over Punk which is pathetic and shows his jealousy despite what people here might think that Joe being TKD
    champ some how means he would do better than Punk isn't necessarily true because its one thing to have the skills and another to have the mental fortitude and confidence which Punk obviously has.

  3. Those people bashing cm punk are probably the ones who watched conor McGregor fight Floyd mayweather …fights like that open the doors for fights like this..even tho its on a smaller scale.

  4. cm punk has no athletic ability whatsoever…it's so blatently painful. the dude trained with one of the best gyms for 6 years and looks like that?? anyone who is superior in sports and trained for 6 years in a great gym would be 100 times better then punk. he's that scrub that got picked last in gym class.

  5. Its unfair to Jackson, now we live in world where a winner is a loser, he wins but now can't fight again in ufc?

    So he showboated so what. Boxers been showboating for years. But now they lose their job?

    If anything Jackson made that fight entertaining.

  6. Phil Brooks has made a career of proving people wrong, so I can see some of the beliefs that he would make it in the UFC, however I was waiting to be proven wrong and unfortunately we weren't. I respect the balls it took to hop in there for all of us to judge, but after judging the UFC is just not for him. He's a talented guy but this not one of his talents. I wish him all the luck

  7. The dude is in his late 30's, and has had his body beat to fuck for half of his life. The dude tried, but when you put him against guys who have done this for over a decade, this is the result. Jackson was an unprofessional ass during that match, screwing around when he should have been finishing the fight. At the very least punk tried to do something.

  8. Blaming CM punk or Mike Jackson is a distraction tactic to shift focus from those who are really at fault, DANA! He picked the fight, if he had wanted the fight finished early he should have told Mike to because in my eyes how Dana interacts with Black athletes in the UFC and white one's is different. He will support a gimmick but tell his own champions they are not this or that.

  9. As a fight what I seen doesn't seem that edge of the seat, more just sinking into the easy chair. Suppose if you were in there he wouldn't quit, could end up with a nasty headache.

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