Joanna Jedrzejczyk stops by to talk about her win at UFC Fight Night | INTERVIEW | UFC Fight Night

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk stops by the desk to talk about her win over Tecia Torres at UFC Fight Night Calgary.

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk stops by to talk about her win at UFC Fight Night | INTERVIEW | UFC Fight Night


20 thoughts on “Joanna Jedrzejczyk stops by to talk about her win at UFC Fight Night | INTERVIEW | UFC Fight Night”

  1. Last thing I swear. My favorite bad response has changed from well rose had to cut weight to. To how is her bad weight cut someone else's fault. Hmmmm MN lets try and think. You hire these people for money to try and get you through this ordeal. Now a fighter can surely make things harder. But there paid for a reason.(guidance, help) for all the ladies kinda like you walked in trusted the stylist walked out blaming them for your problem. I know grasping at straws never happens. Not sure if it can be explained any better.

  2. UFC is turning into a joke. Theres no competition mold. Whats good good for one fighter, Joanna 2 going on 3 fights against Rose vs Aldo loss to Conor with no rematch. Then comes the "super fights"…..JOKE

  3. JJ doesn't hit has hard as she used to. Im not sure if it's the multiple hand surgeries or the change to TAM, but she digressed in her stand up game. She's offsets her power deficiency with her unparalleled take down defense, but that's not enough to reclaim a title.

  4. What a blathering, self-absorbed mess. I do hope she slows down one day and doesn't feel the need to tout herself as a good person while simultaneously saying that she has nothing to prove.

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