Jim Miller on His Battle With Lyme Disease (UFC 228 Post-Fight)

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Jim Miller talks about being emotional in the cage after defeating Alex White at UFC 228 and his battle with lyme disease.


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6 thoughts on “Jim Miller on His Battle With Lyme Disease (UFC 228 Post-Fight)”

  1. I'm sooooooo happy for Jim Miller and Diego Sanchez 👍 both ufc legends, both veterans of the Sport, both extremely talented!!!
    Congrats Jim Miller 👏 Great performance!!! 89sec Sub!!!
    Hughe respect for this true Warrior!!!!

  2. Lyme disease will knockout the biggest toughest guy!!!!!!!!! Anyone that thinks they know what pain is……..has never had Lyme disease !! It will beat you down and keep you there!!! I’m so glad Jim caught it soon enough to beat it for now but it can always pop back up. I’ve had Lyme disease and all the co infections for 33 yrs and it’s a real battle! I will beat it and we think it’s under control…… then it comes back even harder! I hope Jim can keep Lyme disease beat down!!

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