James Krause’s friends start World War III at the house | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

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Tempers flare after James Krause’s friend Tim Elliott visits the house.

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The Ultimate Fighter is a reality television show and mixed martial arts competition on FS1 aimed at finding the next great UFC fighter. Each season, competitors will be separated into two teams, each coached by great UFC fighters. The winners will compete in the TUF finale for the chance to win a six-figure UFC contract and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

26 thoughts on “James Krause’s friends start World War III at the house | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

  1. let me bang fuck boy shows Exactly why he's not in the UFC. He didn't learn didn't he cry n talk about his family earlier in the show. All these guys are losers that were never has beens

  2. This is a bunch of fucking losers trying to stay relevant lmao seth and tim are both ufc fighters that have ran successful careers and the other idiots lost their very first fucking fights on the season

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