Israel Adesanya on racism, bullying and UFC 236

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He’s quickly established himself as a cross-cultural star of the UFC, but who is Israel Adesanya and what makes him tick? Full story: https://goo.gl/j64hVk

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29 thoughts on “Israel Adesanya on racism, bullying and UFC 236

  1. sorry tyrone you dont get to move to another peoples country and than complain if they dont like you newzealanders have every right to be "racist" toward any group of people that move into their land and africans especially have a bad record of moving to places and shitting all over it or pissing as you would put it

  2. “The grass isn’t always greener,” referring to America not being as “greener” as New Zealand or the US. I don’t think he knows how much better he had it living in New Zealand instead of Nigeria. Maybe he should just move back there.

  3. As a Nigerian of the same ethnic background as Israel, I feel pretty proud of this dude. Literally speaking in the Yoruba language his surname Adesanya means the crown pays for suffering. You could read whatever meaning you like into this interpretation, but I can bet you he knows who he is and what his name means and will not stop until he wears the crown to compensate for suffering

  4. Let me drop off my perspective here as a Nigerian living in Nigeria. We have a myriad of social classes present – low, middle and high. Those with shallow minds will always find this hard to grasp. Stereotypes will always exist but better yet, the reality will always be what it is and the reality is that Nigeria, as with many other African countries, is blessed with hardworking and decent people of all walks of life so it's very common here to find people from different backgrounds. Congratulations Israel on making Nigeria a proud nation!

  5. Kiwi interviewers are so good "if you got dropped by silva all this….shit..wouldve come out."
    He didn't try to be articulate to sound good, he just wanted the connection and he spoke genuinely. I rate that

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