Invicta FC 23: Tiffany van Soest – World Class Beginner

Invicta FC correspondent Laura Sanko touches base with Invicta FC strawweight Tiffany “Timebomb” van Soest about her transition from kickboxing and muay thai to mixed martial arts, her last fight with Kalyn Schwartz, and her plans for the future in the sport. Don’t miss Timebomb return to the cage this Saturday night at Invicta FC 23 where former flyweight title challenger Vanessa Porto meets undefeated Agnieszka Niedźwiedź of Poland in the main event Live and Exclusive on UFC FIGHT PASS Saturday, May 20, at 8pm ET.

38 thoughts on “Invicta FC 23: Tiffany van Soest – World Class Beginner

  1. i don't get this company… it is under the ufc banner but they need to scrap it…. get all the females in that division into the ufc…. makes no sense having invicta fc

  2. Looks like from the highlights the other girl didn't want anything to do with her stand up. Even in those few seconds of being free and on the feet she landed that teep and hard hook. Learn takedown defense! (I'm sure she already is though)

  3. She's a nice girl but she's also 0-2 in MMA but being "pretty" of course UFC is gonna push her to the forefront. That would be okay, if they also gave other talented fighters some exposure too, the ones that don't look "conventionally hot" but that's not the case so I'm disappointed. Not hating on Tiff, she's great, just hating on the "game".

  4. Good luck, Tiffany. It's sad that even someone with your skill level really can't carve out a viable career in Muay Thai. On the one hand, that means more for MMA since the most talented folks will gravitate that way in order to make a real living. On the other hand, what will it mean to Muay Thai, and would the MT world even be willing to make the compromises that the MMA world does to draw in crowds?

    Anyway, don't be discouraged by some losses. You know that they are inevitable as you move into this new area, and in a situation where you won't have tens of amateur MMA fights to work out your thing before anyone even knows who you are. Folks like you will always end up learning (and learning hard lessons) under the spotlight.

    Also, ignore the ridiculous comments that pretty much make up the bulk of all MMA video comment sections. 99% of them are either endless tedious arguments about meaningless minutia, organ measuring contests, or just out of control sexism. Of course all of those are hard to avoid in a combat sport milieu, where so many of the participants and fans are young males with more testosterone than manners.

  5. Van Soest is awesome on her feet but in mma she needs to use her hands more to set up those devastating kicks she has and work a lot on getting up from her back and use more knees and elbows in the clinch to break away and make it a kickboxing fight. If the 125 lb. belt is up for grabs in the ultimate fighter house Van Soest will be the best striker in the house by far she could have a nice shot at the belt in that division imo.

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