HOW TO GET VERY HIGH FIGHT HYPE – EA Sports UFC 3 GOAT Career Mode Part 3 Gameplay Ep 3

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Big Train runs into his first rival while showing everyone how to get very high hype for the fight, and how to deliver some devestating KOs when its showtime.

EA Sports UFC 3 is here! And that means the GOAT, THE BIG TRAIN, is back to claim his title in UFC 3 Career Mode. In this Career Mode Gameplay Reaction Walkthrough, we will be going through all of the new fights and features like Press Conferences, Training Gyms, Unlockables, and Minor League fights that they have added this year. And this is all as part of our quest to once again become the Carer Mode UFC Heavyweight Champion.

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24 thoughts on “HOW TO GET VERY HIGH FIGHT HYPE – EA Sports UFC 3 GOAT Career Mode Part 3 Gameplay Ep 3

  1. Two years to the day since my lil sis, Laura died. For those of you who dont remember or came after, she's a part of the Big Train legend. A shining example of the champion that is The Mighty Big Trian.

    Did I lay it on too thick? Yeah I did. I got chicken parm doo doo on my chin.

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