Holly Holm full UFC 225 post-fight press conference

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Holly Holm defeated Megan Anderson at UFC 225 via unanimous decision. She addressed the media following her fight in the post-fight press conference.
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14 thoughts on “Holly Holm full UFC 225 post-fight press conference”

  1. Damn Holly, that Booty is the real deal at 145! Sorry just got distracted from the fight….. but great fight against a tough opponent in Megan. People who have never fought or wrestled before dont understand the difficulty of overcoming a much taller skilled opponent. So congrats Holly that was a great win.

  2. I don't comment a lot about MMA fighters. But Holly is one of my favorites. You can tell she's a hard worker. That she deserves all the success she's had. What stands out about Holly? How humble and driven she is. Usually MMA fighters bring a lot of trash talk and attitude. Holly is always a breath of fresh air. Congratulations Holly. That being said, as Holly said, there are always two people in a fight. Megan Anderson is going to do well in the UFC. She has the size, reach and talent to go a long way. It'll be fun to watch her in the coming years….

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