Greg Hardy Discusses UFC Readiness, Outside-the-Cage Criticism, NFL Status, More – MMA Fighting

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After the Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series season finale in Las Vegas, Greg Hardy discusses his 17-second knockout win, not getting a UFC shot right away, the criticism he has received after a domestic violence conviction, if he’ll still play football and more.

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42 thoughts on “Greg Hardy Discusses UFC Readiness, Outside-the-Cage Criticism, NFL Status, More – MMA Fighting

  1. 2:08 Leave it to the obese drunkard to try & bring up negative BS. I think Morgan better worry about his alcoholism & stop worrying about athletes that he doesn't personally know. People in glass houses………..

  2. Before you go saying, “I think I like this guy”, go google search “Greg hardy beating”.

    You beat a woman or a child and you don’t get in the UFC. My opinion anyway.

  3. Greg Hardy is knocking out heavyweights imagine how many times he's koed his gf constant pummeling to the face kicks to the stomach soccer kicks to the face like Shogun in his prime. Poor girl has been koed more times than Overeem.

  4. Give him another chance everybody stop hating on him, we all make mistakes, seems like he’s learned from them until he makes the same mistake again he doesn’t deserve all the hate.

  5. Hardy will be in the UFC within the next year mark my words. He will be a top 10 fighter easily considering most Heavyweights are strikers and not wrestlers or grapplers. And with ATT developing him he is gonna be a beast!!

  6. mike tyson had a history of violence with women, yet the combat sports world in boxing and mma worship him, what's up with that you hypocrites? greg hardy deserves a second chance, the same way people forgive tyson or just ignore his past.

  7. ok Greg let me see if I'm following this: since it is possible for someone to get criticism unfairly (Lebron James from Trump), it somehow follows that criticism is either unavoidable or unfair and should generally be ignored?

  8. Greg Hardy will be UFC Heavyweight Champ!!! Mark my words, Lewis would have zero chance beating him now or ever lol!!! Did yall not see the Francis fight? Lewis is scared and I think Lewis should of been blamed more for there being zero action for 3 rounds in a heavyweight fight! Pls Dana let Hardy fight Lewis!!!!!!!

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