Former UFC Fighter, Iraq War Vet on NFL Anthem Protests: ‘It’s Not the Right Time’

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter and Iraq War veteran Tim Kennedy said NFL players have a right to protest, but during the national anthem is “not the right time.”

MORE: http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/08/11/tim-kennedy-former-ufc-fighter-iraq-war-veteran-nfl-national-anthem-protests

23 thoughts on “Former UFC Fighter, Iraq War Vet on NFL Anthem Protests: ‘It’s Not the Right Time’”

  1. The players have taken the wrong course out of emotion rather than logic. Our damn President, just made the situation worse. Instead of Trump trying to resolve the issue, he chose to use the situation for political gain. It’s going to get worse.

  2. Why watch the NFL?
    If we don't acknowledge them being ass clowns they'll have no one to pander to.
    I've gone 2 seasons without football, life goes on and I no longer get upset over selfish, egotistical, over paid "athletes" who can't explain their behavior.

  3. Lol lost sons and daughters they are terrorists go to other countries to change governments kill innocent people, Make up lies, the usa= under satans authority. That's a bull flag . Your country backwards and you wonder why people don't stand for that evil flag.

  4. Bahaha if you still watch the NFL you are lost. It is a game…find another one to occupy your time! The only 2 games left seem to be somewhat patriotic are Baseball and Hockey so guess where my money now goes.
    Even if the NFL forces them to stand, I will not watch it! We put football players on a pedestal…they can slack in high school, tutors do their work in college while they get paid under the table and then they get paid millions in the NFL. This is the outcome of us spoiling kids

  5. It just shows their true intentions. The only agenda is ignoring the murder rates of fellow blacks. A hamster wheel of hypocrisy. It goes from taking a knee to raising the black power fists! They're racist, black supremacists.

  6. Capernick sucks as a qb if he was any good he would be playing it that simple, nfl teams will not black ball anyone that can score td' s no matter what. He just sucks as a player.

  7. Dude take your cocky attitude to hell , you really think you can put everyone you meet down? Hahahaha.This is not the way to have a conversation stop showing off in front of these Girly Guys.

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