Former TUF & UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans talks about the fight “GRIND”

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Rashad Evans is back in action at UFC 225 against a very game Anthony Smith.

Who knows what the outcome of that fight will be, but one thing I know is that I have never been around someone, with so much fighting and life wisdom. He is a treasure to the sport. Will he go down in the UFC Hall of Fame easily? I think so

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22 thoughts on “Former TUF & UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans talks about the fight “GRIND””

  1. Suga baby. One minor typo in your description Will. I know you are perfectionist! Humble Suga should be more a major analyst than Florian who has never worn gold yet talks so much. Try meeting Chris Eubank for wisdom if you get a chance.

  2. Rashad one of my favorites in his prime now he doesn't pull the trigger and has lost a step guy needs to retire guy had a great career but it's past his time

  3. How the FUCK does this channel have only 50k subs? Hands down the best MMA channel in terms of covering fighters. Keep it up man, seriously. 100k+ this year

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