Fight Night Stockholm: UFC Breakdown

John Gooden, Dan Hardy and Nick Peet are back for the Fight Night Stockholm: Gustafsson vs Teixeira breakdown and take a closer look at the intriguing story lines up and down the card.

38 thoughts on “Fight Night Stockholm: UFC Breakdown

  1. Glover is 37, was brutally knocked out by Rumble last year, and he looked terrible in his last fight. I believe Gustaffson wins this by TKO. Glover is past his prime. Glover three years ago could beat Gus but not now.

  2. Gus has always been a beast. Glad to see him back after a long lay off..Just inagine if we get gus jones 2 and he beats him for the belt ?. I like dc but i want this rematch ever since the decision went to Jones.

  3. much prefer the standard breakdown setup…. this "panel show" gets very boring imho…

    don't mind the journalist, just rubbishes the breakdown with presentation rhetoric.

  4. Testosterone levels drop in men afterr the baby is born. Its to keep us from yelling at them when they are annoying as shit. You get a boost in test level before the lil mafuka drops. To help you gather resources.

  5. sweden number one rape country of the western World, nice country he provide for his daughter. Swedish men are fucking cowards. the Swedish goverment refuse to deport convicted rapist, pedos and murderers, because they Think it is racist and swedish men do or say nothing, disgusting fucking lowlifes. hope gustafsson lose

  6. I absolutely love this new Breakdown show the UFC is doing. They should spend more time on the main event though. Dan Hardy should go on the mat for the main event, not the co-main. And also, I think they should do it for PPV's too. Maybe switch Inside the Octagon and UFC Breakdown. Breakdown for PPV;s and Inside the Octagon for FOX shows.

  7. It is creepy when a full grown man refers to to the actions of another full grown man as "tasty." I know it's a popular Uk expression.. but it is down right weird. You would never hear a self-respecting American refer to the actions of another man as "tasty."

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