Fight Night Stockholm: Gustafsson vs Teixeira – MAY 28 SUN

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We’re back in Sweden on May 28 as light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson faces Glover Teixeira in ‘The Mauler’s’ hometown of Stockholm.

Tickets still available: http://bit.ly/2orrP9H

43 thoughts on “Fight Night Stockholm: Gustafsson vs Teixeira – MAY 28 SUN

  1. I think this is the fight to know who is the next to take a title shot. Let's Go Glover!!!! I like Gustafsson too, but I'm Brazilian and I support the warriors of my country!!! VIVA LA BRAZILIA HUEHEUEH

  2. I believe that Guss is the best lhw of the world. Cormiers skills has dcreased since hé fought Gus because of his age. Jones after usada is the one who fought saint preux. Gus will maul Cormier in rematch. Mark my words.

  3. Gustafsson is one of the most Unlucky Fighters that ever competed in the Ufc got so manny Chances and got robed and lost some of them he could be Champion since long time ago i felt he won against Jon Jones 100% and he won against Dc he lost brutal to Rumble because he was scared so he didint put out his whole Tallent and Boxing or tryd to get him on the Ground idk i wish him the best hes a real Warrior and i allways enjoy his Fights there realy Bloody and Handfull ^^

  4. Gustafsson is champion material. He already fought the best and gave each of them a WAR. being the only one to ever take down JBJ if I remember correctly. He had some bad luck with JBJ and Cormier sitting before him. Strongest division by far.

    Go boy, get that title from the winner DC vs JBJ.

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