Fight Night Kansas City: Johnson vs Reis – Historic Opportunity

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Demetrious Johnson looks to match Anderson Silva’s record of 10 consecutive title defenses when he faces off against Wilson Reis on Saturday in the main event of Fight Night Kansas City live and free on FOX.

44 thoughts on “Fight Night Kansas City: Johnson vs Reis – Historic Opportunity”

  1. The comments really reflect how bad people look down on this weight division. But I don't really see why?!
    The fights are entertaining. I mean look at the DJ vs cejudo fights, those knees looked vicious and were exciting to look at. In the fight against Elliott, everyone thought dj is gonna get choked out but he kept his cool and somehow got out of there. It's not like those fights are boring.

    Meanwhile you have wonderboy vs woodley 2 times in a row being a shitty boring fight. Well it wasn't boring for me but for the majority it surely was. So I don't get why those fights get so much more recognition, it's just stupid.

  2. People calling them "midgets" smh. You can tell these people have never fought before otherwise they would understand that even though they are light, they still kick your ass easily. Show some respect fat pigs.

  3. MM should of taken on super fights with tj or Cruz when they had the belt I think Cody will give MM trouble tho. The fly Weight Division needs some one to really get it going.

  4. the flyweight division actually has some intriguing fighters like ray Borg and Sergio Pettis coming up but let's be real when u watch them u can't help but have a weird feeling then pause and question yourself, "what i am watching? Because of their small size it looks like they're a circus act being exploited

  5. breaking Anderson Silva's record. Okay maybe in numbers but not in quality of fighters. The flyweight division is like the Bellator of the UFC.

  6. in the division though there is veterans in there Dodson benavidez there's always going to be haters for everybody how many nobodies has Anderson Silva beat either way he would run through all you Couch Potato lazy fucks

  7. If DJ wins this fight then I agree with Cody he should fight him next because I think that's the only way people will start to cope with him beating silva's record assuming he wins that is.

  8. Wilson Reis is no joke. If anyone has a chance to take on DJ, it's him. I've been watching this guy fight for a long time.. I wouldn't be surprised if I see an upset. He bigger, stronger, better wrestler, better jits, better knockout power. Just because you haven't heard much about Reis doesn't take away the fact that he has beat everyone put in front of him and has been doing so for years.

  9. DJ didn't just submit him, he dominated on the ground too. Even the commentators were saying Reis needs to get back to his feet and get separation, after they had just been saying how he was getting beat up on his feet and needs to make it dirty and/or get it to the ground. lol

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