Fight Night Hamburg: Andrei Arlovski – Renaissance Man

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Watch Fight Night Hamburg on Saturday, Sept. 3 live from Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany only on UFC FIGHT PASS.

35 thoughts on “Fight Night Hamburg: Andrei Arlovski – Renaissance Man”

  1. Loved Andrei in his prime, he was not the largest heavyweight but he was so athletic and had a devastating pair of fists. He always goes for the ko, hope he gets the win in germany.

  2. Arlovski is so fucking boring in real life the only thing the UFC can advertise over this sour faced sour puss sore loser is his dog. Only interesting thing in this fuckers existence.

  3. My big female Rottweiler sits up like that dog. Sweet. I saw Arlovski in a TV show called Limitless. He was good. I see his future in the acting biz. Can't fight forever.

  4. да пусть его хоть инопланетяне тренят,гавном став однажды,гавном останется навсегда.Где родился ондрюша там и пригодился,а язык свой нехуй показывать,в жопу его засунь лучше.

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